Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

If you are a sexually active adult, then part of being healthy and safe is getting STD tests done. STD’s can be transferred between anyone who is sexually active, even if you just have one partner. At WellCare Urgent Care center we offer STD testing so you can make sure that you are safe and healthy.

What Are the Different Types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Sexually transmitted diseases are a serious health issue that can often become life-threatening. Males and females can develop any type of STD. If you suspect that you have an STD, then you should visit a physician at an urgent care center for an evaluation. Anyone who is sexually active can have an STD, but these conditions primarily occur in teenagers and young adults who don’t use the proper precautions. There are several types of STDs, including:

  • Genital herpes – painful sores on the genitals
  • Trichomoniasis – a parasitical infection
  • Syphilis – a dangerous bacterial infection
  • Gonorrhea – caused by bacteria
  • Chlamydia – caused by a bacterial infection
  • HIV – damages the body’s immune system
  • HPV – leads to warts
  • Hepatitis B – a liver infection

What Are Some of the Symptoms from Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

In some cases, experts recommend routine testing for STDs to find the conditions in the earliest stages rather than waiting until there are symptoms of the medical issues. Some of the symptoms from STDs include:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • Itching in the genital region
  • Pain while urinating
  • Abnormal discharge from the penis or vagina
  • Bumps, warts, or rashes on the genitals
  • Dark urine
  • Yellowing of the eyes
  • Frequent illnesses
  • Cancer
  • Infertility

It is important to remember that you may not have any symptoms from an STD, or alternatively, a symptom from an STD may not occur for several months or years.

How Are STDs Diagnosed and Treated?

Most STDs are diagnosed using specialized urine tests, but some of the conditions require blood testing instead. For bacterial infections, you are prescribed oral antibiotics, but there is no cure for viral STD infections. However, there are ways to manage STDs that are caused by viruses. Seeking treatment for STDs is vital to avoid complications such as additional inflammation in the organs inside the body along with avoiding infertility. With treatment or management, you can also avoid transmitting an STD to someone else. Using condoms can often prevent the transmission of STDs, but you should have testing for the conditions at least once a year. Some types of STDs are also transmitted with oral and anal sex, so you should learn more about the precautions available to prevent an infection from these types of sexual activity.

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Making sure to get routine STD tests are a part of having a healthy sexual life. Contact WellCare Urgent Care center to learn more about sexually transmitted diseases and get testing done. You can schedule an immediate appointment online at our Cascade and Leonard locations.

Should I visit Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

Urgent Care

When you have any medical condition that is non-life threatening or have general medical needs, then an Urgent Care center can take care of these. WellCare Urgent Care takes care of a variety of medical concerns such as the flu, vaccinations, physicals, allergy symptoms, and more.

WellCare Urgent care is convenient because it is quick and cost-effective.

Average visit time: 1 hour
Average cost: $150

Emergency Room

Emergency care is necessary when you are suffering from a life-threatening condition. This could be a heart attack, stroke, head injury, or other trauma that requires more advanced treatment. If you or someone you love has a life-threatening illness or injury, then you need to call 911 and get to the closest Emergency Room.

Emergency Rooms, while the best option for serious trauma, do take time and are costly.

Average Time Spent: 4.5 hours
Average Cost Per Visit: $1700

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