WellCare Urgent Care is located in the beautiful city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This metropolitan area has so much to offer with it’s bustling night life and culture. Grand Rapids is known for its art and culture. A mere 40 minutes form the beautiful Lake Michigan, you can’t beat the life on the West Side. If you are looking for an opportunity with an established company with a great work environment – this is the place for you.

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At WellCare Urgent Care Center in Grand Rapids, Mich., we hire a variety of medical professionals to provide compassionate and efficient care for our patients. We make it easy to apply for a job with an online process that requires your contact information, but you can also attach a resume, cover letter, and copies of your licensing information to help us arrange an interview.

Is surgery required to fix a sprain?

Most of the time, a sprain can be treated with ice and rest. However, if the ligament is severely torn, you may need surgery to fix this injury.

How long will it take for my sprain to heal?

Most sprains are mid-grade or minor and will take 1-4 weeks to heal. However, more serious sprains can take up to 12 weeks to fully heal. Schedule an appointment to determine the severity of your sprain and receive a more accurate timeline.

Should I stretch my sprained ankle?

After a few days have passed and the worst of the pain has subsided, you can start gently stretching your sprained ankle by flexing it and moving it in circles a few times a day. Continue stretching after the ankle has healed to prevent reinjury.

How can I speed up recovery from a sprain or strain?

Sprains cause swelling so elevating the sprained area, uses compression and ice, and taking a break from sports/exercise will all help reduce that swelling and speed up recovery.

What is the difference between a sprain and a strain?

A sprain occurs when a ligament (the connecting tissue between 2 bones) is stretched or torn. Strains are a tear or twist in the muscle or tendon. Strains are caused by stretching or pulling a muscle and sprains are caused by injuries like a fall or blow to the body that stresses the joint and supporting ligaments.

How long will it take a fracture to heal?

Most fractures heal in about 6-8 weeks. However, minor fractures can heal in as little as 4 weeks and serious fractures, such as a tibia fracture, can take up to 20 weeks.

Is a break worse than a sprain?

This is a more complex question that you might think since it depends on the severity of the sprain and the break. High grade sprains can be just as bad or worse than a fracture and just as painful.

How do I know if I have a sprain or a broken bone?

The symptoms of sprains and breaks are very similar so it can be difficult to tell them apart. However, if you hear an audible crunch, see a deformity in the limb, or are unable to put weight on the injury, you likely have a break. When in doubt, come in for an X-Ray to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Do I need surgery for my broken bone?

If you have a severe break, such as multiple fractures on one bone, you may need surgery to repair the damage. However, low grade fractures are sometimes treatable by setting the broken bone in a cast or splint.

What happens if I do not receive treatment for my fracture?

It is important to treat a fracture as soon as possible so that the bone heals properly. After a fracture, new bone tissue forms to connect the pieces but if the area is unstable, the bone will reconnect unstably or not at all.

What do minor burns look like?

minor burns usually appear as dry, discolored areas of skin. Burns on light skin tones will appear pink or red, while they may appear reddish-brown on darker skin tones.

What is a minor burn called?

A minor burn is also called a first-degree burn.

Should you cover a burn or let it breathe?

Burns are considered open wounds, so you should cover them to keep the wound free of harmful bacteria.

Why do minor burns hurt so much?

Superficial dermal burns are initially painful. This is because, without the protective covering of the epidermis, nerve endings are exposed.

How do you get minor burns?

A minor burn can occur due to any source of heat, including hot liquids, hot surfaces, chemicals, the sun, or fire.

Are digital X-rays better than traditional film X-rays?

Digital X-rays have the benefit of clearer images with higher resolution and better contrast. Since these images are taken digitally, your doctor can enlarge the image to focus in on the problem area.

How long do digital X-rays take?

Digital X-rays only take 5-10 minutes since they are immediately processed on a computer screen.

How does a digital X-ray work?

X-ray sensitive metal plates convert X-ray radiation into an electric charge that is digitally sent to a computer through a detector sensor.

How much radiation will a digital X-ray expose me to?

Radiation exposure from a digital X-ray is 80% less than your exposure from the traditional practice of X-rays.

What are the disadvantages of digital X-rays?

The advanced technology required for digital X-rays means there is more maintenance required for the hardware. The digital detector is also thick, so it is sometimes hard to position just right. These are not any disadvantages you as a patient have to worry about.

We Provide Medical Services to All Age Groups

Our urgent care center offers medical services to patients of all ages with conveniently scheduled appointments or walk-in scheduling. Some of our patients are seeking routine care with physical examinations for playing sports, attending camp, or enrolling in school. We offer immunizations to prevent childhood diseases along with adult conditions such as pneumonia or shingles.

We Offer a Versatile Working Environment

Patients can visit us for problems such as strep throat, lacerations, muscle sprains, and pregnancy tests. When you work for us, you should have the ability to cope with a daily turnover of patients who may need to have an abscess drained or an arm X-rayed. People of all ages come in for help with a variety of medical concerns that we should be prepared to care for.

Types of Health Care Professionals Working for Us

Our urgent care center hires several types of health care professionals, including:

  • Primary physicians – providing a wide variety of patient care services
  • Registered nurses – assisting physicians and patients
  • Phlebotomists – collecting blood samples from patients
  • Radiology technicians – collecting X-rays and reading the X-rays
  • Medical coders – medical billing insurance services
  • Licensed practical nurses – assisting registered nurses and physicians
  • Laboratory technicians – analyzing urine, blood or other samples
  • Pharmacists – preparing and dispensing an assortment of medications
  • Physician Assistants – providing patient care services
  • Pharmacy assistants – assisting pharmacists and patients
  • Nurse practitioners – working with physicians and providing patient care
  • Dietitians – providing nutritional information
  • Physical therapists – helping patients overcome injuries or illnesses

If you are interested in working at WellCare Urgent Care, then apply on our website, or you can contact us with a telephone call. When we are interested in hiring you, we will contact you with an email or a telephone call to arrange an interview. Make sure to have your educational and licensing documents with you along with the names and contact information of at least three professional references.


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