10 Panel Rapid Drug Testing

If you are in need of a drug test whether this be for a job, school, or probation. You can come into WellCare Urgent Care center in Grand Rapids to get a drug test quickly so that it doesn’t take too much time out of your day. Rapid drug tests are also beneficial to employers and government officials who need quick random drug testing.

We Offer Rapid 10-panel Drug Screening Tests

When you are the parent of a teenager who you suspect is using drugs, you can visit an urgent care center to request a 10-panel rapid drug test. Employers can also demand these types of tests when you are injured at work, and a law officer can demand this type of drug screening when a driver is involved in an accident. Probation officers and drug rehabilitation counselors can have clients screened for drugs to determine if an individual is breaking the terms required by the courts. A 10-panel drug test is easy for a medical review officer to perform by collecting urine or blood.

What Do We Look for with a Drug Test?

A 10-panel drug test screens for illegal drugs in addition to prescription medications. This type of test will check for these drugs:

  • Quaaludes – a hypnotic drug
  • Propoxyphene – an opioid drug that is addictive
  • Methadone – an addictive pain-relieving medication
  • Barbiturates – depresses the body’s central nervous system
  • Benzodiazepines – a psychoactive drug
  • Opiates – a highly addictive and popular category of drugs
  • Amphetamines – a mood-altering stimulant
  • PCP – an anesthetic that is used illegally
  • Marijuana – a psychoactive drug that is derived from a plant
  • Cocaine – a stimulant that is smoked, inhaled, or snorted

Can Employers Demand Drug Screening?

While it is possible that you have a prescription for painkillers, an employer can still demand a 10-panel rapid drug screen test. Many require a drug-free workplace. Prescription drugs can cause impaired mental and physical reactions while you are working with patients or machinery. You may have signed an agreement with your employer concerning routine drug testing at any time, but if you are injured at work, then an employer is more likely to demand workplace drug testing. These types of agreements are designed for deterring you from drug abuse at any time.

Urinalysis Is the Most Common Type of Testing

A physician can also use saliva, breath, perspiration, or a urine sample to test for drugs that are part of the 10-panel screening. In some cases, this type of test can determine the presence of drugs that were used several weeks before rather than only in the past 24 hours. A urine drug test is the most popular form of drug testing because it is noninvasive and inexpensive. After a basic screening for certain classes of drugs, there are specific tests available to learn the particular type of drug that is in a patient’s body.

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If you are in need of drug or alcohol testing services, then come into WellCare Urgent Care Center to learn more about the 10-panel rapid drug testing. We accept walk-ins at our Cascade and Leonard locations or you can book a same-day appointment online.

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