Covid-19 Testing

Covid-19 Testing

If you are concerned you may have been exposed to Covid-19, WellCare Urgent Care performs testing to be sure if you are contagious. Please schedule an initial virtual appointment, during which you will be assessed and invited for a car-side swabbing as deemed necessary.

For patients who are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or believe they may have been in contact with someone carrying the virus, WellCare Urgent Care now offers fast, effective Covid-19 tests. In order to prevent exposure to our other patients and staff, we have specific procedures in place for Covid-19 tests. After you schedule an appointment, you can expect the following from a WellCare Urgent Care Covid-19 test.

Which Test Should I Get?

WellCare Urgent Care offers three different Covid-19 tests. People who are currently experiencing symptoms may get a rapid result test and/or a PCR swab test. Those who experienced symptoms in the past but have now recovered may be eligible for an antibody test. In either case, please schedule a virtual appointment online to discuss your health history and symptoms before coming to WellCare for test. Your physician will confirm which Covid-19 tests you can take and schedule a time to get them.

PCR (Nasal Swab) Tests

The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test is a test for active Covid-19 infection. This test consists of a nasal and mouth swab, and is overall similar to a flu test. After your nose and mouth have been swabbed, the genetic material on the swabs is sent to a lab for testing, where they screen for the virus.

Generally, results from the nasal swab tests are returned within 48 hours.

Who Should Have a PCR Nasal Swab Test?

Because PCR tests check for active infection, it’s important to have the test if you believe you have been in contact with someone who has or had the Covid-19 virus, as it is possible to be an asymptomatic carrier. This will allow you to isolate and protect others if your tests are positive.

Higher-risk workers, including essential workers, healthcare workers, and first responders, should also have the test even if they are asymptomatic.

Those with Covid-19 symptoms can also undergo the PCR test. Covid-19 symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Persistent Cough
  • Body aches
  • Chills
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Rashes on the toes or feet

Antibody Tests

Antibody tests are blood tests which check for Covid-19 antibodies, which indicate that you have already had the virus but have recovered. While it is not yet certain that you cannot become re-infected, it is believed that those with Covid-19 antibodies present are safer from becoming infected with or passing on the virus. This is especially useful information for healthcare workers.

Who Should Have a Covid-19 Antibody Test?

Covid-19 antibody tests are intended for those who previously tested positive for the virus, have since recovered. It can also be administered to those who were not tested for the virus but had its symptoms and have since recovered. In both of these cases, patients should wait at least 14 days after first experiencing symptoms to have the antibody test.

Antibody tests are also recommended for those who are asymptomatic but believe they have had contact with someone who was infected with Covid-19.

Rapid Swab Tests

If you’re experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, you may be eligible to have a rapid swab test at WellCare Urgent Care. With this test, you can receive results in as little as 15 minutes. This is only for patients who are actively experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, and requires a virtual consultation before allowed to take the test.

RT-PCR Tests

Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) delivers results quickly, often with turnaround times in under 24 hours. We offer RT-PCR tests that are more sensitive to detecting Covid-19 genetic material than other rapid tests, and is often covered by insurance. For those who are uninsured or whose insurance does not cover the cost of this test, it is available at an extra cost.

Will My Insurance Cover a Covid-19 Test?

If you are a Michigan resident with health insurance, then it is likely that your insurance will cover the costs associated with a Rapid or PCR Covid-19 test. Rapid tests are covered on a case-by-case basis, so you will need to speak with a team member about whether or not you qualify.

If you are uninsured, we offer tests for $75.

If you have concerns about whether or not your test will be covered by insurance, give our office a call and speak to one of our educated team members.

Schedule an Appointment for Covid-19 Testing

Patients who wish to schedule an appointment for Covid-19 testing should first set up a virtual appointment with WellCare Urgent Care, so that our staff may review your symptoms, discuss your health history, and determine any possible exposures you may have had to the virus. When this is complete, we will set up a specific appointment time for your testing.

Covid-19 testing is completed from your car at both our Cascade and Leonard locations. When you arrive, we ask that you stay in your car and wait for our team to meet you there and administer your test safely.

To get started with Covid-19 testing, set up your telemedicine appointment online. With any questions, please call (616) 591-5995 or contact us online.

Should I visit Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

Urgent Care

When you have any medical condition that is non-life threatening or have general medical needs, then an Urgent Care center can take care of these. WellCare Urgent Care takes care of a variety of medical concerns such as the flu, vaccinations, physicals, allergy symptoms, and more.

WellCare Urgent care is convenient because it is quick and cost-effective.

Average visit time: 1 hour
Average cost: $150

Emergency Room

Emergency care is necessary when you are suffering from a life-threatening condition. This could be a heart attack, stroke, head injury, or other trauma that requires more advanced treatment. If you or someone you love has a life-threatening illness or injury, then you need to call 911 and get to the closest Emergency Room.

Emergency Rooms, while the best option for serious trauma, do take time and are costly.

Average Time Spent: 4.5 hours
Average Cost Per Visit: $1700

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