Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

Pink is an infection of the membrane of the eye which causes the eye to appear red or pink. It often is accompanied with discharge, tears, and sometimes itchiness. Pink eye is contagious and often needs proper treatment to go away. If you have pink eye, then our staff at WellCare can help relieve you of the infection.

Pink Eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is a common infection of the eye that causes those with Pink Eye to feel discomfort and see discharge in their eyes. To learn more about Pink Eye come into WellCare Urgent Care center in Grand Rapids.

What is Pink Eye?

Pink eye is an infection that occurs in the membrane that lines the eyelid and eyeball. The redness of the eye is caused by the blood vessels in the membrane being inflamed. There are various causes to pink eye. It is caused by a bacterial infection, viral infection, allergic reaction, or, in babies, an incompletely opened tear duct. If you have Pink Eye, it is important to avoid touching the area and to seek medical treatment right away as it can be highly contagious.

Symptoms of Pink Eye

The main symptoms of Pink Eye are:

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Discharge
  • Tearing
  • A Gritty Feeling

Viral and bacterial pink eye is contagious, it can be spread through contact of the eye drainage. It is important for you and those around you to wash hands frequently and to avoid touching their eyes. Also, avoid sharing towels, makeup, pillows, as this can also spread the infection.

Treatments for Pink Eye

If you have pink eye using artificial tears, cleaning your eyes, and applying a damp compress can be helpful in relieving symptoms. If you wear contacts, then you must stop wearing them until the infection is cleared up. Antibiotics can help with a bacterial infection but if it is a viral infection then it will simply need to run its course.

Come into WellCare

If you are experiencing Pink Eye symptoms, then come into WellCare Urgent Care center today to get started with treatment.

Should I visit Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

Urgent Care

When you have any medical condition that is non-life threatening or have general medical needs, then an Urgent Care center can take care of these. WellCare Urgent Care takes care of a variety of medical concerns such as the flu, vaccinations, physicals, allergy symptoms, and more.

WellCare Urgent care is convenient because it is quick and cost-effective.

Average visit time: 1 hour
Average cost: $150

Emergency Room

Emergency care is necessary when you are suffering from a life-threatening condition. This could be a heart attack, stroke, head injury, or other trauma that requires more advanced treatment. If you or someone you love has a life-threatening illness or injury, then you need to call 911 and get to the closest Emergency Room.

Emergency Rooms, while the best option for serious trauma, do take time and are costly.

Average Time Spent: 4.5 hours
Average Cost Per Visit: $1700

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