Most Common Summer Injuries

Warm weather and sunshine lure people outdoors all throughout West Michigan to play and enjoy the natural beauty of our state after a long, dreary winter. However, with fun and games comes the risk of injuries of all kinds. Beyond sports or activity-related injuries, water injuries sustained while water skiing, swimming, or boating are all too common in the summer months. Being outdoors, getting exercise, and having fun with friends all have many health advantages – but there are also dangers involved. Learn about the most common injuries sustained during the summer and how to avoid needing urgent care.

1. Heat Stroke

Whether you’re running around on the field or observing the game from a sideline seat, if you’re in the sun, you’re in danger of heat stroke. Many urgent care facilities like WellCare Urgent Care see a sharp increase in the number of heat-related issues during the summer months. People forget to hydrate, play too hard, and forget how long they’ve been getting pummeled by the sun’s beating rays. This can lead to a heat stroke. Always make sure to drink plenty of water when you know you’re going to be in the sun and heat for long periods of time. Take frequent breaks to rest and prevent over-exertion, and be sure to liberally and consistently apply sunscreen to avoid getting burned.

2. Sports Injuries

Sprains, broken bones, and lacerations are more likely to happen during the hotter months, partially due to the increased number of people playing outdoors. Hiking, playing sports, riding horses, or even walking around the neighborhood can all be catalysts for ankle sprains, cuts, or even broken fingers and toes. Be sure you use the right protective equipment for whatever activity you’re doing and follow all safety guidelines to reduce the chances of joining these statistics.

3. Insect and Animal Bites

While you may be in the good habit of slathering on the sunblock, remember to spray on some insect repellent as well, especially in woodsy areas. The sunshine and warm weather cause a plethora of biting and stinging insects and animals to come out. Mosquitos love warm, watery areas – like pools and lakes – where people swim. Venomous snakes hang out on rocks and in leaf litter – sometimes on paths where people hike. Many insects and animals become more aggressive in severe heat. Take all of these factors into consideration before you head out to the lakes or the mountains. Make sure you have a first aid kit as well as the number of a local urgent care handy in case of a bite or sting.

4. Burns

You probably wouldn’t associate burns with summer activities; however the two often go hand-in-hand. Think about it. People cook on a grill more frequently. They’re outside in the sun for hours each day. Campfires, grills, and even the sun itself can lead to burns that require medical attention. Sunburns are among the most common reasons people seek help at urgent care centers in Grand Rapids. Blisters, peeling skin, and severe pain can be caused by a sunburn. Other people get too close to campfire flames or have hot foods like toasted marshmallows drop onto exposed skin, causing burns that require medical treatment. Wearing effective sunscreen and covering skin are two simple but effective ways to prevent trips to the ER or urgent care this summer.

Use common sense, stay hydrated, keep sunscreen and insect repellent applied, and have a safe, wonderful summer.

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