What’s Wrong with My Eye

The eye is the jewel of the body. The eye is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. A slight defect often escalates to sophisticated cases. According to the National Library of Medicine, 47% of Americans fear losing their eyesight. Your eyes are incredibly important, so when you have a problem with them it can be of great concern. Whether or not you have a problem, though, can be a lot harder to determine.

Please note that while an urgent care can help you determine the immediate issues, regular visits with a vision expert are the best way to prevent problems from establishing. .


They are among the most prevalent eye problems. With cataracts, you experience blurry and cloudy spots in your eye lens. Light passes through the eye lens into the retina, where images are formed.

With cataracts, light penetration is inhibited, and your vision is hazy. Cataracts can be treated with the use of sunglasses and improved room lighting. Corrective surgery may also be done to remove the blurred lens.

Dry Eyes

You keep on winking and rubbing your eyes, with an inflammatory sensation or something is in your eye. This is an effect of dry eyes. Your eyes are not manufacturing sufficient tears to lubricate them. The effect of dry eyes is often felt while traveling on an aircraft, working on digital screens, and AC conditioned rooms.

Common symptoms of dry eyes include:
• Vision fatigue
• Red eyes
• Blurry vision
• Inflammatory sensation

Dry eyes can be treated by eye drop prescriptions, surgical corrections, and in extreme cases a lifestyle overhaul.

Red Eyes

Normally, your eyes should be white or milky. Bloodshot eyes are a sign of sleep deprivation, eye strain, or allergies. The redness occurs in the eyes due to the blood vessels expanding. This is the easiest to treat, as it generally requires only a slight adjustment or minimal medication to reduce.

See an ophthalmologist for a detailed examination into the cause of the redness to learn how to treat it.

Color Blindness

When you can’t make out colors, something is wrong with your eyes. Blue-yellow color blindness is when you are unable to distinguish between blue and yellow colors. The red-green color blindness is the most predominant one. One finds it difficult to differentiate red and green.

In severe cases, you may experience achromatopsia, where you are unable to decipher any color. Color blindness is genetic and may be mitigated through contact lenses and eyeglasses.

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