Why is My Throat Sore?

It can be extremely unpleasant to come to the realization that your throat is sore. A sore throat can make getting through your typical day a lot harder than normal. It can even make eating food feel like an impossible and unbearable chore. If you’re suffering through a sore throat, it may help you significantly to pinpoint the possible causes. There are a number of different things that can make throats feel sore and you feel awful for days and days at a time.

The Common Cold and Beyond

If you have a sore throat, odds are high that the common cold is behind it. Viruses are responsible for the vast majority of sore throats. Don’t assume that the common cold is the sole virus that can bring on terrible sore throat nightmares, though. Other viruses that have the ability to do so are influenza, the mumps, chickenpox, measles, and even mononucleosis. If your throat feels sore, then you could have an infection that involves the neck’s salivary glands, but further testing will be required to determine the exact strain.


Don’t assume that basic allergies cannot be behind your sore throat. Immune systems respond to articles that lead to allergic reactions. Some examples of these are pet dander, grass, and pollen. After your system responds to these elements, a chemical signal is given off that then can lead to a wide range of possible results. Irritation of the throat, incessant sneezing, eyes that water, and stuffy noses are all examples of potential consequences that may come into play. An antihistamine may be just what you need.

Strep Throat

Streptococcal pharyngitis, or strep throat is a type of bacterial infection that can bring on sore throats. Sometimes, strep can bring on feverish symptoms, and it can be very hard to find relief until treated. If you have enlarged lymph nodes in your neck or white on your tonsils, it is very likely you are suffering from a case of strep throat and will need antibiotics.

Dry Air

Air that’s too dry has the ability to dehydrate the throat and the mouth alike. If you notice that your throat and mouth are itchy, air dryness could be responsible. Air tends to be dry in times of frigid temperatures, as this is when people depend on their heating units the most. Heaters can wind up drying out the air as they give off heat. You may want to look into getting a humidifier to put water back into the air around you.

Physical Trauma

If you injure yourself, you may just end up with a sore throat, believe it or not. If someone or something hurts your neck in any way, throat pain could be the result. Even a food particle lodged inside of your throat can cause stubborn irritation. Any trauma that happens to your throat or neck may cause further problems with other parts of your person, so it is important to carefully consider having it looked at.

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